Where do I even start?

I found myself asking where should I start? I’m the type of person that starts with the easy things on my todo list. So here we go…

1) Stop Drinking your Calories!! I could bleed Dr. Pepper. So whatever your drink of choice is stopppp. You’re sipping on sugar. Read the labels, 1 can of Dr. Pepper has 40g of Carbs. You could have the chips and salsa for less. I have gave myself all the excuses. “I have a headache, it’s probably because I need a Dr. Pepper” “I had a bad day a Dr. Pepper will help.” I still have the occasional Dr. Pepper. I went from 1-3 a Day to 1 a week (maybe). When I tell people this I get the usual response “I don’t like the taste of water”. I use True Lime or True Lemon packets in my water when I’m just tired of plain water. You can also add fruit and veggies. Personally I don’t dig floaties in my water. Once I stopped my nightly Dr. Pepper intake I found myself missing the fizz. I tried all sorts of carbonated water and it was disgusting. Wal-Mart has their own brand of fizzy water, “Clear” it’s with the bottled water. It’s even a little sweet, so it curves my sweets craving.

2) Get your steps in! If you have ever spent any time on the WT campus you’ll know the parking isn’t great. On any given day I walk from 1-2 miles just getting to class. I know the weather is nasty or you might not have the want to, but just take a stroll. Get out of the class room or office and catch some fresh air! It doesn’t have to be a 10 mile stroll just 10-15 minutes of your day. The time you spend scrolling through the same Facebook posts you could take a walk. I found a workout on Pinterest an I do it when ever I fill my horses water. I make use of the time where I usually would spend on social media.

3) Get your Rest! This one is a hard one for me. I don’t fall asleep or stay asleep very easily. I can not stress this subject enough. I used to stay up late and get up early. I would get sick and stay sick. I didn’t feel like taking care of myself. I was a zombie so naturally I would reach for a Dr. Pepper. I’m gonna speak some Jesus for a minute here. Jesus wants his Warriors well rested, the enemy wants you constantly worn down. When the enemy get’s you busy and pulls you away from God. But you don’t notice it because you’re to busy! A very smart lady gave me a challenge when I was 17. Have 5-10 minutes of quiet time with Jesus. I’ll go more on this topic in post of it’s own.

I know that this is already a lot to handle. I’m going to try to make your transition into getting healthy as easy as I made mine. Try cutting back the Soda, or the Beer. It might be just going to one a day, then one a week, then hopefully none at all. Take a walk and Get your rest.

If you leave this post and try all these things but have a day where nothing goes right, please know you are still worthy! If you fail get up the next morning and try again. His grace and mercies are brand new every single morning. You are worthy yesterday, today, tomorrow and the next day. “It doesn’t matter how you start as long as you finish the race!”




Join the Journey

I’m starting a journey. Actually I started the journey about a week ago, but I didn’t know if I could finish it.

Around the first of this month I looked in the mirror and nearly fainted. How did I let this happen?

I’m not fat by any means but I’m not as thin as I used to be. College has been better to me than most. I gained a little in Junior College and a little more at WT. I told myself, “I’m tired of looking like this.” But mostly I’m tired of feeling like crap!

I took action. I got an app to help me meal plan. Started eating a lot better and cheaper! I found a 30 day work out plan on Pinterest. I’m seeking Jesus now just as much as ever!

So I’m starting a journey, and I want you to come along with me. I’m going to do a series on staying healthy throughout college. On a budget and with a Busy schedule.

I’ll be posting my weekly meal plans, work outs (that don’t include a gym) and what I’m studying in my bible. I know that there’s many girls out there that feel the same as I do. They are terrified to go to the gym. Who want to eat right but have trouble planning and executing. So join in on the journey and get healthy spiritually and physically.

Stay Tuned.


The giant of Comfort

I recently started reading, Goliath Must Fall by Louie Giglio. On the back of the book in big letters “Fear Rejection Addiction Anger Comfort.. Must Fall”

I thought to myself comfort? Really? What’s wrong with being comfortable? I didn’t feel convicted, until I dug deeper into that particular giant in my life.

I do not like stepping out on my own. I always wait for my spirit to tell me to. This isn’t something I’m totally proud of. I’m a little chicken when it comes to trying anything new.

Then I read a passage in this crazy good book. “If the enemy can just keep us good and comfortable, then he can prompt us to waste our days. But we are not a people of comfort. We are people of faith.” I was shocked. I’m hanging out in my comfort zone (willingly) letting the enemy waste my time. Waste my opportunity to find my purpose. Only because I am “comfortable”

Jesus was not comfortable on the cross, he was not in his comfort zone. “We are alive because of his discomfort.” He trusted God to get him to his purpose.

So I started my last semester of my undergrad with one promise to myself. Get out of my comfort zone. I’m a part of the schools radio show (big step in it’s own). The second day of class we had to pick teams. Social Media Team, Promotion Team, Music Team, Sports Team, News Team and Production Team.

I could have very easily put in for the social media or promotion team something I was comfortable with, but I didn’t want to waste my time.

I chose the production team. I stepped out of my comfort zone. I was super scared, terrified about what this new task would have for me. Recording your own voice and tearing it apart, talking to thousands of people who won’t talk back on live air. Is scary.

The best part of this testimony is I put down social media as number one on my list. In a split second I heard “way to stay in your comfort zone”. My spirit pushed me in the production direction. Even better, after all of this had happened. I read the comfort chapter in the book. This chapter gave me conviction and assurance on my choices.

He’s not just going to hang you out to dry when you make a step like this. He’s with you always.

I will no longer let my own comfort hold me back. Comfort keeps us from our destinies. This giant is falling in my life.


Gracefully Reckless: Defined

When I started my blog I had millions of stories to tell some sensitive, others funny and full of life. I have always loved writing. I was wildly inspired by a few of my friends who had blogs. I jumped on the wagon, after some thought and prayer. If my stories can help one person, heal, stand-up, follow a dream, giggle, smile, more importantly come to know Jesus. It’s worth putting myself out there.

I’ve read articles on how to start a blog, how to make money at it, and even how to push it through all my social media. The hardest thing about starting a blog, isn’t the stories. It’s the name. That’s something that took way longer than the stories. I tried different websites and catchy names. I didn’t want catchy, I wanted meaningful.

Gracefully Reckless. Came to me after about 5 hours of grilling my friends on names. I thought it was very meaningful… to me. I’d like to just share where it came from. I was baptized when I was a little baby. That was for my family. I was re-dunked at 21. That one was for me. My pastors greatest line is, “You’re saved by grace through faith” I write it in my notes every time he speaks on it. Grace: a love that has nothing to do with our performance. But everything to do with the on whom it derived from, God. It’s a powerful piece of our existence. It’s the only reason we are able to open our eyes each morning. Grace is more than a second chance, it’s a third, fourth, and fifth. It’s a love that keeps on giving, regardless of our past. Completely undeserved, unmerited, unearned, favor. Honestly if it wasn’t for grit and grace I probably would not be where I am. I am saved because of grace and I believe that in my faith. I am saved by believing.

The reckless part came completely out of the blue. Being reckless is supposed to be really scary. Especially for someone like me who is a control freak. Those two syllables could not describe this leap of faith anymore perfectly. I don’t make irrational decisions. I decided to start a blog in about 15 minutes and just blew to it. Reckless: without thinking or caring. The love of God is something I am so thankful that is reckless. When ever, where ever he comes for me, without thinking or caring. The God we serve is wild and adventurous, there’s nothing he won’t do for you. He recklessly pursues us. My blog is named after two pretty great gifts we are blessed with. They’re blessings because we didn’t have to pay for, he already paid the price for us to receive these precious gifts.

Happy Sunday & Much Love,


My UnDo List for 2018

  1. Comparing myself to other women. Ever since I was small, I compared myself to everyone. I’ve always wanted to be someone else. This attitude toward myself continued on into my teenage years. Now that I’m in college I still catch myself comparing myself to girls in my surroundings. I took a few steps to help ease this objective. Unfollowing people that make me feel insecure. Stop over editing my pictures. Take more makeup-less selfies. Only care what the person in the mirror thinks of me.
  2. Complaining. I do more complaining than I do changing the things I complain about. No more complaining about the weather, the dog hair, the dishes, the heater, the grocery store, school work, and my wardrobe. Instead I’m trying to be thankful for these things. There’s people who are on the streets in this extreme cold. People who are allergic to dogs and that’s a tragedy! Others don’t have the money or the opportunity to go to the grocery store. Also some that never get the chance to go to college. I am forever thankful for my blessings.
  3. Procrastinating. This year I’m going to be better at managing my time. No more cramming things into one night. I have the determination this year to make things work out smoother and that’s my plan.
  4. Worrying. I constantly worry over little things I have absolutely no control over. This year I’m letting go and letting God. And not picking up what I already laid down at the cross.
  5. Pretending I can do my house work and homework while I watch Netflix. I am so over binge watching. Instead I’m trading Netflix Series for worship music while I do my chores.

I have a very long list but I decided to throw the top 5 at y’all. I make empty promises to myself every new year, but this year I could not be more serious. I’m getting my life set straight. I’ll pushing for a healthier, organized and focused lifestyle. I am removing everything in my life that might cause me to lose sight of my goals. Followers, junk food, TV, and even my own mind wondering. So here’s to a new me in 2018.

Stay Tuned..


National Day of the Horse


She was nothing special when I found her, just a scrawny yellow mare. No papers, no record breaking genetics “just a grade mare” who wasn’t very well taken care of. I begged and pleaded to call her mine when graduation rolled around. Finally dad broke down and gave her a chance at greatness. He invested in her, but most importantly he invested in us. Fancy and I became a team. She was a hot mess. But so was I.

Shortly after buying what was to be my first “practice horse” that I was hardly getting along with, my childhood rope horse came up lame. Not the lame that you give them some “bute” and turn them out for a few days. The kind of lame that makes you cry all the way to Hansford County Vet. I dried my tears when I stepped out of the truck, only because cowgirls don’t cry in front of people. Pepsi couldn’t back up. As much as his heart wanted to please me, his body couldn’t make it happen. He had no idea how to make his hind end work. The staff at the vet ran test after test resulting in a negative. If I had known he was going to live the last week under a microscope I would have brought him home, so that he could have died with dignity. I wanted to save him. I wanted them to save him. He was just a piss head that I had begged my dad for, and if love could’ve saved him, he would’ve lived forever.

When I got home, there Fancy was a tiny little mare who had been underestimated her whole life, perhaps just waiting for an opportunity to shine. I hated pushing her, but I had no choice. She was the A team now, the only thing that could get me down the road. I was in a slump for weeks after loosing Pepsi. I couldn’t catch a calf, if someone handed it to me. I trotted for miles trying to get her rode down. They had the same spirit for sure. Hot.

The last run I had made on Pepsi, I roped a 2.3 and was one place out of the short go, at some jackpot I wasted his talent on. My first run on the little mare Fancy, I was a 3.2 and was sure it was only because my dad told me while I was settling her into the box, “Ride her like you stole her,” he told me, which meant push her. The calves are really running that day and I was one place out of the short go on her too.

roping fancyI gained my confidence back that day and Fancy powered out of the box like Pepsi used to do. She got in the ground like him. She had a lot to prove like him. I hauled her for two years  and she became an all-around gal, ranch work, wheat pasture, and in the arena she was sure to not disappoint. I made her ride exactly like Pepsi, which wasn’t my best plan. At a shoot out rodeo in Canadian, Texas in July in an arena with a roping set-up that I hated, I backed her into the box. I needed a time. My mom, an old rodeo secretary, had it figured out down to the point. “I don’t care if you bounce the calf of the back fence, if that’s what is takes for you to catch,” she said. I giggled. I was going to pitch my loop as soon as I got out of the box just to make her nervous.

That is exactly what I did. “2.6 and that was smokin’,” the announcer said. I looked back to check and I was clean at the barrier. I looked up to give God the Glory and then looked down with thoughts of Pepsi, the man that got me here. He deserved some credit too.

I had the time of my life on Fancy, but then I grew out of her. I was having to ask her for her life which she gave to keep me in the money. It wasn’t fair for her to give everything just to keep me satisfied. I had a tough decision to make.

I gave Fancy, my everything, to a young girl who was ready for a step-up. I blessed my blessing and never regretted it for a minute. Rumor has it that this family had paid $10,000 for my Fancy, but that wasn’t true. I smile because based on her performance and talent, that is probably close to her worth, but she’s worth way more than that to me.fancy Give and it will be given to you. Pressed down, shaken together to make room for more. (Luke 6:38) My blessing was blessed back with another hot little mare called Olive, with more talent than I could have ever thought about praying for.

I am so blessed by every four-legged stepping stone in my life.

Today, on National Day of the Horse I could write stories for years about horses saving me physically and emotionally, and making such an impact in my life. So cherish the old ones, use the young ones, and don’t be afraid to

“ride ’em like you stole ’em”

Blessings, Kirst

My GPA won’t Matter in Heaven

Every year before finals I pray for Jesus to come rapture us all up. Every student I cross paths with is failing in some way, by 2 points or just completely failing at life. Personally, my grades completely depend on my exams this week. I’m right on the edge going into my last semester of my undergrad.

Then I become very thankful for some grace, and mercy. I remember that my worth doesn’t come from a number given to me based on performance. My value has already been set and I am more precious than rubies. I truly believe that statement but still here I am failing at life… miserably. Taking everything to heart, letting my grades take full control of me.

Last year I made a facebook post, during all the craziness of finals I decided to start a new book. Not because I wanted to read it just because I wanted an excuse to avoid studying. I made a lame excuse to myself, “I need to read a chapter of my book (Uninvited) before I start studying” So I did. I started reading and became rushed with conviction, I tell myself my GPA won’t matter in Heaven. However I sure act like it will. My bible is buried under piles of papers, school books, and my searches on youtube played louder than my worship music. I was consumed with the world and all my grades showed it. (They were not so blessed) BookCover

I read a quote from the book and it hit me like a rock, “But here’s one thing we must watch out for become enamored with something in this world we think offers better fullness than God, we will make room for it. We leak out his fullness to make room for something we want to chase, It will happen if you chase a guy you think will make you full, It will happen if you chase an opportunity thinking it will make you full, It will happen if you chase some possession thinking it will make you full, It will happen if you chase perfect order from a imperfect world thinking it will make you more full.” 

I say “My GPA won’t Matter in Heaven” but it’s hard for me to see where I’m living up to my own standard. I’m chasing a grade that will never make me as full as God will. I’m treating my grades as if he’s going to check them at the gates.

Stop turning to the world for the stability you need, don’t leak out fullness for emptiness. So cling tight and hold on to what is good.

Trusting Jesus & Running Wide Open

I’ve always had the philosophy that if you trust Jesus hard enough and never slow down you’ll accomplish your wildest dreams. One dream of mine has always been to write and inspire people. A few of my friends inspired to me start a blog, so now here we are.

There’s more to the story than just chasing dreams. Any cowgirl will tell you she’s in a man’s world, but not one will tell you it’s hard to keep up. When I truly started seeking and trusting Jesus with my whole heart I became more confident in the saddle. I had never been afraid by any means but a part of me stayed safetied up. Scared to just trust my horses to take care of me, scared to lay my junk out there and let Jesus take care of me. I started seeking, and trusting Jesus and became unafraid to Run Wide Open.

When I truly laid down my fears, insecurities, heart break, broken dreams and pure brokenness down at the foot of the cross and I did something crazy, I left it there. I became overwhelmed with the freedom I had just picked up. I understand that many people will come across my blog and say ” It’s just another girl talking about Jesus..” There’s something I want to say before starting this journey, this is a completely raw version of me. I was on a heck of a path before I truly accepted Jesus to come into every part of my life, and not just the pretty parts. I am also an average 22 year old girl loving Jesus and showing my scars. I am hoping to blaze a trail for girls of all ages to see that they aren’t the only one struggling. That there’s everyday struggles in everyone’s life and that it’s ok to not be ok. I might even share some of my hot mess moments.

I encourage you to keep reading the probably really rough posts that are sure to follow this one. But hey I got to start some where I suppose. Hang with me and I promise you’ll find something that will make you giggle, see the light in every situation and maybe even get a little Jesus before it’s all said and done. Feel free to follow my daily life and adventures on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Stay tuned..